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Find useful and helpful info from God’s word, the Bible

Did you ever ask: What happens when you or other people will die? Did you think, nobody knows. Or maybe you where thinking, God may know it. Learn what the Bible, God’s word, tell us about what happens when people die

What else can we learn from God’s word, the Bible

In the Word of God in the Holy Bible we can also learn many other things. For example: who is Jesus Christ. And we can learn who is God? And in the Bible we can learn God’s name: Jehovah

Memorial Jehovah’s Witnesses

You may know that Jesus Christ died on the cross. Do you know, that this is important for you?

The death of Jesus Christ opens the way for everlasting life. Did you knew this?

Because of that what Jesus Christ did for us, we should visit the Memorial from Jehovah’s Witnesses

Once in a year Jehovah’s Witnesses invite millions to remember the death of Jesus Christ. Jesus himself commanded to remember his death. This is the Memorial of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Everybody can come and is welcomed. Do you plan to come? In the weeks before the Memorial you can find out on, the official website from Jehovah’s Witnesses, where and when you can attend the Memorial from Jehovah’s Witnesses .

Do like to have a happy life? Joy in your life? What is the best way to happiness?

Did you know the best way of life? Jesus Christ was the happiest man ever. Why can we say that? Did he know something about happiness and joy in life, what many people didn’t know? In fact Jesus knows the best way of life. Learn from Jesus Christ the best way of life .

Jesus Christ knew how to have joy in life, satisfaction and happiness. Do you like to know also?

Christmas: birthday of Jesus Christ or not? When was Jesus Christ really born

Did you ever heard, that Jesus Christ was not born at Christmas? If this is so, why do many people celebrate Christmas? When was the birthday of Jesus Christ? Is Christmas the birthday from Jesus Christ? Or is Jesus Christ born at a different time? .

To get really happy we need to oppose the devil! How can we do so?

Do you want to be happy? In order to get very happy, we need to oppose Satan, the devil and all the demons! Why is this important? And how can we succeed?

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Knock knock. If this happens at your door, you may think: who is it? And maybe Jehovah’s Witnesses will visit you. Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses may come to your door? Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses? What is the message from Jehovah’s Witnesses? Are Jehovah’s Witnesses really Christians? Do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in God’s word, the Bible? Learn more about Jehovah’s Witnesses! Because it could be useful for you.

Info about Jehovah’s Witnesses

JW Library App: if you don’t have the JW Library App, read this article! The JW Library App is for free. But you can get much out of it. JW Library App is from Jehovah’s Witnesses. A Christian organization. Jehovah’s Witnesses provide for example the New World translation of the holy Scriptures. Bible translation in English. And many other languages. Easy to read and good to understand. You can get this translation of the Bible for free. Through the JW Library App. But many many more useful information. And beautiful music. And again and again new videos. A lot of books and brochures.

Did you notice? The Watchtower and Awake are the most widely circulated magazines on earth

Jehovah’s Witnesses: how many people all over the world are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Christians or what? Do Jehovah’s Witnesses live according to the Bible? Do Jehovah’s Witnesses follow Jesus Christ? Jehovah’s Witnesses a Christian religion?

Learn some Changes, Innovation’s, Modifications from Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses: learn important differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses and other organizations and religions or religious organizations

Jehovah’s Witnesses sanctify God’s name Jehovah

Is Jesus Christ or some man the leader of Jehovah’s Witnesses? Have Jehovah’s Witnesses somebody like a Pope or prophet? Or is really Jesus Christ and Jehovah God the leader of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Watchtower Library: if you don’t have the watchtower library, read this article about the Watchtower Library

Watchtower Online Library: is there a difference between the watchtower Online library and the watchtower library? And if so, what difference is between the watchtower online library and the watchtower library?

Do you know? What is the Watchtower Society or the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania?

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses a sect, a cult, a religion, Christians or something else? What are the facts about Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, that Jehovah’s Witnesses have the true religion? Would it be wrong to believe to have the true religion?

Jehovah’s Witnesses and blood: Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to eat blood and to take blood transfusions. Why so? Because the Bible, God’s word, tells us so. Did you know where in the Bible? But is it not dangerous to refuse blood transfusions? Or is it possible to take alternatives to blood Transfusions? And what is better for our health? Because if God Jehovah commands us to abstain from blood, there must be a reason.

Jehovah God about blood, blood transfusions. What should we know?

The Bible commands “Keep abstaining from Blood”! What do you think? Does this include Bloodtransfusions?

Blood Transfusion Alternative Treatments, which Jehovah’s Witnesses use

Free Bible! Accurate and easy to read. Would you like it? How can you get it? Would you like to have a Bible App for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Tablet PC, Windows Phone?

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Purpose of life: do you know? The purpose of our life? Have our life really meaning? What is it? What can make us happy?

2 things you should know, if you want to get happy

Kingdom of God. Did you read the expression kingdom of God in the Bible? Did you know what it means? Should we? Is it important? For us? The Kingdom of God?

Do you like to have some help in your life? Bible principles can help us to lead a better life. Be happy. Solve problems. And even to get everlasting life in wonderful surroundings without crime or health problems. Learn how the Bible principle “faithful in what is least” (The Bible, Luke 16:10) can help you in your life.

Calamities: when calamity strikes we can take refuge in Jehovah God. And by doing so remain happy. If we love Jehovah and obey him!

Did you ever read in your Bible the expression Zion? So learn what it means: What is Zion, Mount Zion, heavenly Zion?

Temptation: how can we get through a temptation? Successful. This is important to know for everybody of us

Satan, the devil: do you know who Satan, the devil is? Satan, the devil is our enemy! He tries to mislead us. And Satan wants to alienate us from Jehovah God

Prayer: what is a prayer? Prayer can help us. A prayer is something very special. A beautiful present from our heavenly father Jehovah God. Do you make good use of it? Should we?

What did you know about the Bible book Genesis? Did you read in it and learn something useful for your life?

What do you believe? Does the Bible contradict itself? Are there really any contradictions in God’s word, the Bible? If you believe, that there is a contradiction in the Bible, read this article ?

Christmas: is the Christmas time really a good time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ? Is Christmas really the birthday of Jesus? What does the Bible say about the time, when Jesus was born? On Christmas? Read This! The truth about Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ. From God’s word, the Bible itself

Jesus Christ: Did you know Jesus Christ? What does the Bible tell us about Jesus? What was and is the main quality of Jesus? What people like Jesus? And who reject Jesus Christ?

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses

Can you trust the Bible?

Can you get the Bible for free

New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. The Bible translation from Jehovah’s Witnesses is an easy to read Bible

Who is God? Who is Jehovah? Jehovah is God’s name according to the Bible

Learn this about Jehovah’s Witnesses

Do you know the most widely circulated magazines on Earth: Watchtower and Awake

JW Library App: with the JW Library App from Jehovah’s Witnesses you can get for free: Music, the Bible, Watchtower, Awake, Videos and more

Watchtower Online Library: Online library from Jehovah’s Witnesses

What you should know about Jesus Christ

When is the birthday of Jesus Christ? When is Jesus Christ born?

Do you ever felt the pain to lose someone in death? Did you ask, was this everything? Did He live anywhere else? Can I see him again? God’s word, the Bible shows us what happens when someone we love dies. Don’t miss this Info

What is the Purpose of our Life

Do you like to make a diet? To lose some weight?

Satan, the Devil: what can we learn about Satan, the devil in God’s word, the Bible

Info about demons, demonism and Satan’s organization

Why ?

Would you like to have an accurate and easy to read Bible Translation? The New World translation from Jehovah’s Witnesses is just that. Learn more about the easy to read and understand translation from Jehovah’s Witnesses

Not all info is about the Bible

Obesity, Overweight, diet and healthy food

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