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Maybe once a week Info through Email. About the Bible, themes from the Bible, religion, a happy life, health and success. For example: “What makes very Happy and successful?”

Or where and how you can get easy, quick and totally free:

Online Bible Study Lessons

Enjoy Info from God’s word, the Bible. About the beautiful hope of everlasting life in a Paradise on earth. With perfect health. Benefit from the wisdom of our creator for a happy, satisfying and successful life. And a happy family.




A Bible Study with a Personal Instructor






Videos, Musicvideos






Music , Audio Dramas, Dramatic Bible Readings









The Biggest (in circulation and translation) Magazines in the world

For example with Info about:

The Way of Happiness






Help for Those Who Grieve








12 Secrets of Successful Families


Six Lessons Children Need to Learn







What Does the Future Hold?








Who Is God?

Does God Care about You?

Is Life Worth Living?

Is the Bible Still Relevant Today?



An accurate, easy to read Translation of the Bible

Books and brochures, based on God’s word, the Bible








Info about Conventions