Bible Study Course Jehovah’s Witnesses: Bible Course “Enjoy Life Forever” Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Guided Bible Study Course “Enjoy Life Forever! Jehovah’s Witnesses Jehovah’s Witnesses offer a free guided Bible Study Course: “Enjoy Life Forever!”. This is a practical way for you to learn what the Bible teaches. The most popular book of the world. The Bible study program from Jehovah’s Witnesses can help you to have a happy life, [...]

Beautiful Bible Prophecies for the Future of Humankind

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Jehovah's Witnesses preach worldwide the messages from the Bible. This includes very beautiful Bible Prophecies for the Future of humankind. According to the Bible, Jehovah is the creator of humankind and the Universe. According to the Bible, God's name is Jehovah. In the Bible we can also learn, that God is Love. What Prophecies we can [...]

Invitation to the Memorial of Jesus Christ’s Death from Jehovah’s Witnesses (Anniversary of Jesus Death)

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 Invitation to the Memorial of Jehovah’s Witnesses to remember the death of Jesus Christ (Anniversary of Jesus Death) Every year, on the day when Jesus Christ instituted the 1st Memorial and gave his life as a sacrifice for humankind, Jehovah’s Witnesses commemorate the death of Jesus Christ. Jehovah’s Witnesses invite you and your family to [...]

How to know our Future?

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People have different ideas of about how to know our future. What do you think? Is there a way to know for sure what the future will be? Can Fortune-telling help? Today Fortune-telling is popular. But most people would admit that Fortune-telling is not reliable. Predicting the Future with hundred percent accuracy Did you know that [...]

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