Happy is…

When Jehovah’s Witnesses visit people, it is usually about telling people what is written in the Bible.
Did you know that it could also be about how to be happy?

Example of a conversation about how a visit from a Jehovah’s Witness could go

Good evening, Sir….
My name is….
And I have a short question, namely: “… Happy are those hearing the word of God and keeping it!” said Jesus Christ, according to God’s Word, the Bible (Luke 11:28).
“What do you think makes us really happy?”
Answer: “I can’t really say. Difficult question.”
Jehovah’s Witnesses:
This brochure here, “Enjoy Life Forever,” is an introduction to the free, interactive Bible course “Enjoy Life Forever.”
It shows how the Bible helps us to lead a happy life.
That God’s Word gives us a wonderful hope, eternal life under ideal conditions.
And why you can really trust God’s Word, the Bible.
Here is your free brochure and a card with my smartphone number.
I would also be happy to send you the link to the “Enjoy Life Forever Brochure” on your smartphone. Where you can simply tap and enjoy the associated videos, Bible passages and other links.
You can just type in your number here.
Then I can also get in touch briefly before my next visit to see if it’s a good time for you.
We could then talk about how the Bible helps us to lead a happy life in lesson 1.
Great, see you then. Have a nice evening.
Answer: Okay, see you then.