Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention Experience: Jehovah God fulfill the prayer to find a possibility to get to the Convention

Jehovah‘s Witnesses Convention Experience: Jehovah God fulfill a prayer

Jehovah‘s Witnesses make much experiences, that shows the help of Jehovah God or his angels in preaching the good news of the kingdom. Worldwide. In connection with the conventions of Jehovah‘s Witnesses 2019, somebody made an experience, which shows, that Jehovah God helps also in connection with conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Prayer about finding a possibility to get to the convention of Jehovah‘s Witnesses

A man was praying to Jehovah God. He wanted to go to the convention 2019 of Jehovah‘s Witnesses. But he did not know, how to come to the convention. He was praying to Jehovah, that he find a possibility to get to the Convention 2019 of Jehovah’s Witnesses „Love Never Fails“!

Jehovah God quickly answered the prayer in connection with the Convention

About 30 minutes after he prayed to Jehovah God, a Witness of Jehovah made an arrangement with another Witness of Jehovah, that this man could call him. This man was coming into the mind of this witness. And he was thinking, that he might not have a possibility to come to the convention. So he was trying to make an arrangement, that he has a possibility. He also tried to find find out the telephone number of this man. Because he didn‘t know, if he has his telephone number. Right away another Witness of Jehovah was giving him the right phone number. It‘s interesting, because in this town approximately not much other Witnesses of Jehovah had his number. If any. So about 30 to 40 minutes after the prayer, the arrangement was made. The possibility for at least one day to come to the Convention. Despite the fact, that this Witness of Jehovah didn’t know about the prayer of this man.

A call at the right time

Later this day, the Witness of Jehovah was thinking again about this man. To call him. During the telephone call this man was telling him, that he called just at the right time. To get him.

Jehovah God answered the prayer in Connection with the Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses at the same day

They talked long about deep spiritual matters. And the man told the Witness of Jehovah about his prayer to Jehovah. The answer to the prayer came the same day.

The man wanted to go for two days to the Convention. Had the possibility for one. Till…

The man, which prayed to Jehovah, wanted to go for two days to the convention. The Witness of Jehovah had arranged for one day. Till shortly before the convention (the evening before) the man didn’t find a possibility to go to the convention for the second day. The evening before the convention the Witness of Jehovah, who made the arrangement for the one day, was called through another witness. This one was driving with the car to the Convention. And had one place free. So the wish of this man could be fulfilled. To visit the convention on two days.

The thirth day of the Convention he wanted to visit later

The thirth day of the Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses he wanted to visit later. But at this time it was again, that he don’t had enough money. To visit the Convention. Although it was already Saturday evening, and the convention at the next day, he could borrow enough money, to visit the convention also on the thirth day.

It surpassed his expectations

The day after the Convention, he said, that it surpassed his expectations.

At the end the man was giving a helping hand

Despite he was not a Witness of Jehovah, he even helped at the dismantling work after the convention finished. And he liked it. He said, he was not thinking, that the day will end so beautiful.

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