Memorial Morning Worship Jehovah’s Witnesses

Memorial Morning Worship Jehovah's Witnesses
On the day of the Memorial of Jesus Christ’s Death Jehovah’s Witnesses present regularly a Memorial Morning Worship. Which you can enjoy on the website from Jehovah’s Witnesses,

Memorial Morning Worship 2024

The Memorial Morning Worship 2024 is presented from Kenneth Cook. And has the theme “How should we remember Jesus?”

Memorial Morning Worship 2023

The Memorial Morning Worship 2023 was presented from Samuel Herd. A member of the governing body from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Click here to enjoy the Memorial Morning Worship 2023.

Memorial of Jesus Christ’s death: why once a year

In the Memorial Morning Worship, presented by Samuel Herd, you can learn for example, why Jehovah’s Witnesses commemorate the death of Jesus Christ just once each year. On the Anniversary of Jesus Christ’s death.

Thinking of Jesus sacrificial death every day

Dedicated, baptized Witnesses of Jehovah think of Jesus sacrificial death every day of the year. Samuel Herd said: “every prayer we say acknowledges Jesus presenting the value of his sacrificial death in our behalf. At the end of every prayer we acknowledge to God that we are praying in Jesus name. Amen. Being imperfect we do not have direct access to Jehovah. Instead he readily accepts our prayer if we say it in the name of his son Jesus Christ.”

Hope to live forever in a marvelous Paradise here on Earth

Samuel Herd from the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses spoke also about the Hope to live forever in a marvelous Paradise on earth. He said: “And think about it. For humans that is the best life ever. It is what Jehovah originally intended for mankind, when he created the first couple in the garden of Eden. What could be better for a human than that?

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