How can we show our depth of love for Jehovah God? How can we demonstrate our support of Jehovah God’s sovereignty?

If we choose to do the will of Almighty God Jehovah and if we are working hard to do so, Almighty God Jehovah can see our depth of love for him. And also our desire to please Jehovah. If we do so, we can also demonstrate our support of Jehovah God’s sovereignty. Satan, the devil, challenged if Jehovah God’s sovereignty is rightful. Vigorous and voluntary efforts to uphold the rightfullness of Jehovah sovereignty is of special value to Jehovah God (The Bible Proverbs 27:11; Job 2:3-5).

Dedication and Baptism: reasons for joy for Jehovah God

It makes Jehovah God happy if Jehovah’s Witnesses dedicate their life to him. And symbolize their dedication in water baptism. And if Jehovah’s Witnesses live according to their dedication. And prove it day by day, that they love Almighty God Jehovah. Especially when it is hard to do so.