An outstanding Convention

The Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021 is being broadcast in 240 lands.
The 2021 Convention program “Powerful by Faith” can be enjoyed in more than 400 languages. Hours, full of very useful Information, excellent Videos and even a Feature Bible Drama of superior quality.
Do you know any Convention in 2021 or anything else which comes close to that? Except maybe the Convention 2020 “Always Rejoice” from Jehovah’s Witnesses.

But why is it good for us, when we enjoy…

… all the parts of the 2021 Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses “Powerful by Faith”?
Because the “Powerful by Faith” Convention from Jehovah’s Witnesses is made to build and strengthen your faith.

In which ways can this benefit your life?

Learn on this page “How Much You can benefit from real Faith”. And before something about the Convention 2021 from Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021 “Powerful by Faith!” Online on

Normally you can enjoy the 3 day regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in a big stadium or in a big hall. But because of the Coronavirus pandemic the Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021 “Powerful by Faith!” can be enjoyed Online on and the JW Library App. For free.

The Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021 Powerful by Faith is…

… the special edition of the JW Broadcasting program of July 2021 and August 2021. JW Broadcasting is the beautiful series with many videos and regular new original songs from Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Why you should not miss the Convention 2021 of Jehovah’s Witnesses “Powerful by Faith!”

Because the program of the Convention 2021 of Jehovah’s Witnesses is made to build and strengthen your faith. And real faith can help you to face your many challenges in your life.
Can increase your happiness.
Real faith can make very happy families.

Real faith can increase your joy.

And give you a very beautiful and trustworthy hope for the future.

Because real faith is built on realities

Don’t think that faith is a wishful thinking. Because real faith is not blind. But is based on facts and realities. On truths.
Like the Bible (God’s word) explains, is faith the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen (Hebrews 11:1)

Benefit from real Faith

Real faith can make us very powerful.
Like Jesus Christ said: “… Nothing will be impossible for you”.
Because with real faith you can have the help of Almighty God Jehovah.
That is the power of faith.
Faith can also provide courage.
Can help us to endure.
And can give us peace. Even when life gets hard.
And real faith can remind us of our purpose.
Real faith is the basis for friendship with our creator Jehovah God (Jehovah is God’s name in the Bible).
Real faith makes it possible to walk with Jehovah God. And our prayers will be heard and answered.

The purpose of the Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021 “Powerful by Faith”…

… is to build and strengthen our faith. You can learn how to cultivate strong faith. To exercise faith. And to maintain it.
So, try to benefit from the Convention 2021 from Jehovah’s Witnesses “Powerful by Faith” to the full.
And enjoy the complete program.
Make notes.

Try to use the valuable information of the JW Convention 2021 in the best way possible. With the goal…

What brings the greatest happiness?… to make your life more joyful. To live a happier life. And to get more Powerful. Powerful by Faith.
If it is possible, more powerful than any challenges in your life.
And to make Jehovah God, our Creator, happy. To make Jehovah joyful about you (The Bible, Proverbs 27:11; Zephaniah 3:17).

Enjoy the Convention 2021 of Jehovah’s Witnesses “Powerful by Faith!”

You can enjoy the complete Convention program 2021 on for free. In the Talks You can Enjoy many videos. And even a feature Bible drama. Maybe one of the best Bible Dramas ever produced. Click Here to come directly to the website and the videos about the Convention 2021.

What can you enjoy on the Convention 2021 of Jehovah’s Witnesses “Powerful by Faith!”

The following are just a few examples of the “Powerful by Faith” JW Convention 2021. For a more detailed information about the program click Here.

Convention 2021 of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Friday program

Every of the 6 parts of the Convention 2021 starts with a Music Video Presentation. Beautiful.

Get an answer to the question “How powerful is Faith?”
And: “Why it is reasonable to believe in God”?
And is his word (the Bible) trustworthy?
And his moral standards: do they help us, are they good for us?
And why can you be sure, that God loves us?
If you don’t believe in God at all, just this part of the Convention program can move you to believe in the existence of an intelligent creator.

And you can enjoy the Symposium “Use Creation to Build Your Faith”
In the 1st part of this symposium about Stars, you may be impressed (Isaiah 40:26). By the many stars, which exist.
All parts of this symposium comes with a Video. So enjoy that.

The next part of the symposium is about the Oceans (Psalm 93:4).

Forests. The video and the Convention talk may build your Faith in the Promise of Jehovah God, to make a Paradise on Earth. To make all things new. And you can learn, why you don’t need to fear, that humans ruin the earth to the point, where is no return.
Wind and

Water (Psalm 147:17, 18)
Sea Creatures. In the video you can see blue whales. The biggest animals on earth. This part of the symposium can build your faith, that Jehovah God will provide for You. If you put faith in Jehovah.

Our Bodies (Isaiah 33:24)

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021: Can you see your dead loved once again?

In the Convention talk about the stars you can learn something about the resurrection hope.
Maybe you know already, that the Bible speak about the hope of a resurrection. Surely Jehovah God will resurrect everyone, who put faith in him (John 5:28, 29).
But what if not? This part of the symposium may give you hope, to see again your dead loved ones. Even then, when they don’t put faith in Jehovah God during their lifetime!
See and build your joy about the possible future.

And see how you can benefit from the symposium “Imitate the Faithful, Not the Faithless “. Just one example: is violence an option for true Christians? Yes or no? See the answer in one of the parts of this symposium

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021 “Powerful by Faith!”: Saturday Sessions

You can get an answer to the question: “Why Jehovah’s Witnesses speak with other people about their faith?”
Also, you can learn how the message from the Bible helps people around the world to live a happier life.

Bible Drama about the prophet Daniel

Do you like Movies based on the Bible? Then don’t miss this one. Maybe one of the best, you have ever seen.

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021 “Powerful by Faith!” Sunday Sessions

One of the most important messages, you can hear today, is the good news of the Bible. But “What is the good news?” And can you believe the good news of the Bible? Get answers in the Convention talk “Have Faith in the Good News”.

More Info about the Convention 2021 on

You can read more Info about the Convention 2021 from Jehovah’s Witnesses also on And watch this video about the Convention 2021:

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