Jesus Christ: Who is Jesus Christ?

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What does the Bible, God’s word, tell us about Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity. The Bible gives a clear picture about Jesus Christ. What do you think? Who was Jesus Christ? Or who is Jesus Christ?

The truth about Jesus Christ is very important! Why?

The most distributed book in the world, the Bible, tell us about Jesus Christ something outstanding: “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.” [Bible book John chapter 17 verse 3] Does this mean, that it is very important for us to know the truth about Jesus Christ? Surely, it is! It can lead to everlasting life on the Paradise Earth, according to the Bible. Getting to know Jesus Christ in an accurate way is one of the most important things we can do.

Learn what the Bible has to tell us about Jesus Christ

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was a great teacher, a person with outstanding qualities, a person which could work miracles, even resurrecting the dead, someone who lived before and after his life on the Earth in a spiritual realm, called heaven. And is, according to the Bible, the only begotten son of Jehovah God (Jehovah is the name of God in the Bible). And the Bible tell us even more very interesting information about Jesus Christ. For example: „For God love the world so much that he gave his only begotten son, in order that every one exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.„ [Bible book John chapter 3 verse 16]. So again, everlasting life comes into play. And this everlasting life is according to the Bible a wonderful time, when Jehovah God makes the whole earth into a paradise. Which means a wonderful garden. Where everybody has enough to eat. Old people get young again. And many dead people will be resurrected to life. All this and more we can read in the Bible.

Jesus Christ, a great teacher

The World Book Encyclopedia writes about Jesus Christ: “Even many people who are not Christians believe that He was a great and wise teacher. He was certainly one of the most influential people who ever lived”. And Hindu leader Mohandas Ghandi is quoted as saying: “When [we] shall get together on this teaching laid down by Christ in this sermon on the Mount, we shall have solved the problems… of the whole world”. We can read Christ’s sermon on the Mount in just three chapters of the Bible! If you read by yourself the chapters 5, six and seven in the Bible book of Matthew, you can find for example: “All things, therefore, that you want man to do to you, you also must likewise do to them” [Bible book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 12]. This principle is today known as the Golden Rule.

Pronunciation of Jesus in Greek and Hebrew and the meaning of the name Jesus

Jesus is the common pronunciation in English. But in Greek, one of the languages, in which the Bible is written the pronunciation is I‧e‧sous′, which corresponds to the Hebrew name Jeshua. Which is a short form in Hebrew for Jesus. The fuller form in Hebrew for Jesus name is Jehoshua. What does this name mean? The meaning is Jehovah Is Salvation.

Jesus Christ knew the best way of life

Jesus Christ knows what makes happy. Jesus can show us the way to happiness. The best way of life, a life full of joy and satisfaction. And to live our life with real purpose.

Learn more about Jesus Christ

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