Jehovah’s Witnesses and the commandment of the Bible of Disfellowshipping

According to the Bible, unrepentant sinners should be disfellowshipped. Jehovah’s Witnesses trust the Bible. And try to follow all the principles and commandments in the Bible. Also the commandment of Disfellowshipping. This may be different in many other religions.

Is Disfellowshipping loving?

Maybe, some people may think, that this is not very loving. But it can help an unrepentant and disfellowshipped sinner to change his course. So firm discipline can be very loving. Because it can makes a difference. To bring an unrepentant sinner back to the way of everlasting life.

Also spiritual sickness can be quite contagious. Like some forms of physical illness. In the same way, like it is a form of love to keep separate and isolated, when somebody is infected with a disease like the Coronavirus, it is loving and necessary in some cases of spiritual sickness to isolate an unrepentant sinner from the congregation of fellow worshipers.