Is everything over with death?

What is death? Is everything over with death? Why die
What is death? Is everything over with death? Why do we die? Can you escape death, how? Can God bring the dead back to life? Will God bring the dead back to life?
At the end of life is death. How frustrating that can be. Because today’s life can be over so quickly. You were just in your prime, healthy and full of energy. Life goes by so quickly. You get old, you often get sick, and you may die before you turn eighty or ninety, but usually before you turn one hundred.
In the Bible, the Bible book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 7 verse 2, says that it is better to go into the house where there is mourning. Than in the house where there is a party. And this is justified by the fact that this is the end of every human being. And the living should take it to heart.

What is death actually?

Genesis 2:7 says that Jehovah God formed man from the dust of the ground. And in chapter 3 of the Bible book of Ecclesiastes in verse 20 it says that at death all will return to dust.
We live by the life force of God. And without this life force we become dust again.
When we are dead, we are dead. In the Bible book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 9, verse 5, it says that the living know that they will die. But the dead don’t know anything.
And verse 10 says that in the grave there is no action, no planning, no knowledge, no wisdom.

Why do we actually die?

Originally, our Creator, Jehovah, did not intend for people to die. But this was subject to a condition. Obedience to our Creator Jehovah. When the first humans rebelled against God, people lost the prospect of eternal life in beautiful conditions. And all descendants of these first two people only inherited what these first two people had. A relatively short life. With the prospect of certain death. In the Bible book of Romans, chapter 6 verse 23, it says that the wages of sin is death.

Is there hope that people will eventually escape death?

Verse 23 of chapter 6 of the Bible book of Romans goes on to say that the gift God gives is eternal life. Through Christ Jesus.
Through his voluntary sacrificial death, Jesus Christ offered a ransom sacrifice for our sins, which we inherited from our first parents. Jesus paid the price that sin brings, so to speak. Death. Since Jesus was perfect, like the first man Adam, his voluntary death, which he gave for people, could compensate for the sin of the first man. And thereby give all of Adam’s descendants the chance to live forever.

Is there a requirement for eternal life?

Yes. The same requirement as for the first two people. Obedience to God.
In the Bible book of John, chapter 3 verse 36, it says that whoever believes in the Son (Jesus Christ) has eternal life. And the one who disobeys the Son will not see life. The wrath of God would remain on these people.
Just as the first man, Adam, would have lived forever if he had always remained faithful to Jehovah God. So we too can have our chance at eternal life if we obey Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. So, as with the first human being, the prospect of life depends on ourselves.
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Has God ever proven that he can bring the dead back to life?

Yes, several times. For example, when Jesus Christ was on earth, he brought several people from death back to life by the power of God.
In the Bible book of Matthew, chapter 22, verse 32 says that God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.
For God, the people he wants to bring back to life are still alive for him. Just sleeping, so to speak. And as easily as one can awaken someone from sleep, Jesus awakened people from the sleep of death.

Will God bring the dead back to life?

Jesus Christ said, according to the Bible book of John (chapter 5, verses 28 and 29), that the time will come when all those in the graves will come out. To a resurrection.