Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2026

Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses
In 2026, Jehovah’s Witnesses are expected to hold 3 different conventions. 2 one-day conventions. And one 3-day convention. The 3-day convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses 2026 is especially interesting in 2026. You may find the motto of the 2026 convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses on the website of Jehovah’s Witnesses,, around the beginning of April 2026. As well as further information about the Convention 2026 of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Visit the website in April 2026. And enter “convention” in the search bar on

Some information about the conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses organizes Conventions every year. Some Conventions take place in convention halls, some in a stadium. Once a year, the Christian Religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses organize large conventions. Regional or international conventions (special conventions). Attended by millions of people.

Have you received an invitation to a Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

In the weeks before a Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you may receive an invitation to the convention. Have you received an invitation to a convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses? Now you might want to get more information about the conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses. To decide whether it would be worth going to a stadium where a large Bible convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses is taking place.

Experiences of Jehovah’s Witnesses conventions: are Jehovah’s Witnesses conventions nice?

Many people who have attended Jehovah’s Witnesses conventions have had nice experiences.

Jehovah’s Witnesses convention: is it worth attending?

Many are convinced that it is worth attending the annual conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Because the program contains useful information for our lives today. What can you expect at a convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Lots of information from the Bible and videos at conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses

It is to be expected that Jehovah’s Witnesses conventions are useful for daily life. Why? Because Jehovah’s Witnesses bases the convention program on the Bible. And the Bible is “useful” (2 Timothy 3: 16,17). The Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are always based on the Bible. Which Jehovah’s Witnesses consider to be the word of Almighty God Jehovah for us humans. A Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses can be, for example, about qualities such as joy or love, about God or Jesus Christ. Videos are shown at the large conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And usually at least one feature film or drama.

Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Where and when (place, date, time)

From around the beginning of April, you can watch the complete program of the current convention and also a video about the conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses on the website of Jehovah’s Witnesses And in the weeks before the regional or international conventions, you can find out exactly where and when the nearest convention is taking place.

International conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses

The large conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are sometimes also international conventions. At an international convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, many people come from other countries. The international conventions, or special conventions, of Jehovah’s Witnesses may take place in different countries. In 2024, for example, there were 15 special conventions in different countries.

Conventions Themes before 2026:

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2024

Theme of the Convention 2024 from Jehovah’s Witnesses: “Declare the good News!”

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2023 “Exercise Patience”

Convention Jehovah's Witnesses 2023 Exercise Patience The theme of the Convention 2023 was “Exercise Patience”. Learn more about the Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2023 “Exercise Patience”.
On YouTube you can watch a Video about the Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2023 Exercise Patience.

Convention 2022 from Jehovah’s Witnesses: Pursue Peace!

Today we wish to have peace in the world. Not war.
But do you not think, that real and lasting peace in your life involve more as the absence of war.
War can rob us of peace. And also economic hardships. Natural disasters. Broken marriages. Illness. And even our problems coming from our own weaknesses.
What do you wish for your life? Would you like it, to enjoy more peace in your life?
Find out, how you can find lasting and real peace in your life at the “Pursue Peace” Convention from Jehovah’s Witnesses 2022.
Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2022
You can enjoy the Convention “Pursue Peace” 2022 Online on and the JW Library App. You don’t need to login or to register. Just watch and enjoy the “Pursue Peace” 2022 Convention sessions from Jehovah’s Witnesses.
On you find the complete program schedule for the 2022 Convention “Pursue Peace” from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Also you can watch a video about the Convention 2022. Search for “Convention 2022” on

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021 „Powerful by Faith„

The theme of the 2021 Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses was „Powerful by Faith!„. Real faith can bring us real joy. Real faith can remind us of our purpose. So why not enjoy the Powerful by Faith Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses 2021. To build and strengthen your faith.
The complete program of the Convention 2021 of Jehovah’s Witnesses is still available in more than 400 languages. The convention program for the conventions 2021 from Jehovah’s Witnesses can be enjoyed on The official website from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Learn more about the Convention 2021 of Jehovah’s Witnesses with the Theme „Powerful by Faith!„
Enjoy now Online the program for the Convention 2021 from Jehovah’s Witnesses „Powerful by Faith!„

Conventions Jehovah’s Witnesses 2020: Always Rejoice

Regional Conventions and International Conventions from Jehovah’s Witnesses 2020 were based on the Bible Scripture Philippians 4:4. The theme: Always Rejoice..

Conventions Jehovah’s Witnesses 2019 had the theme: Love never fails

If you visited a regional or international convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 2019, you where able to find out, that Love never fails. And you could learn, what real love is. How to receive true love from others. Where we can find real love and how we can give love to others.

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