Bible: what book is the Bible? What do you mean? Is the Bible God’s word for mankind? Or just a good book? What can we learn from the Bible?
The Bible is a book from God Almighty. In the Bible we can find the name of Almighty God: Jehovah.
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Bible The Bible is the word of God. How can you benefit from the Bible? Why can we trust the Bible? With Links to more Info about the Bible How do you think about the Bible? Do you think, the Bible can help us to improve our life? Give reliable guidance for a happy life? Do [...]

Bible Prophecies about War and Bible Prophecy about Russia

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Bible Prophecy about War and about Russia Here you can find interesting Bible Prophecies about war and Bible prophecy about Russia. Which is fulfilled today and in the near future. In the Bible you can find biblical prophecies, which are fulfilled today. Which were written for today. One of this Prophecies, which is fulfilled today, is [...]

Bible Prophecy: Bible Prophecies, which will be fulfilled in the nearby Future

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Fulfilled Bible Prophecy show, that the Bible must be inspired by God. This is, what we can also read in the Bible: “(2 Timothy 3:16) All Scripture is inspired of God…”. Bible prophecies for the past are fulfilled with an accuracy of hundred percent. In the Bible we find also prophecies for our time. Which are [...]

Kingdom of God, God’s Kingdom

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What is the Kingdom of God, God’s Kingdom? What is the Kingdom of God, God's Kingdom? What has God's Kingdom already done? What will it accomplish? “Thy Kingdom Come”. A Prayer repeated by Millions Did you ever pray for God’s Kingdom to come? Millions have. Because Jesus Christ told his followers to pray for God’s Kingdom. [...]


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The Bible… … is a unique book. For example: “The Bible is the best-selling book of the year, every year” (The New Yorker magazine). Altogether more than five billion Bibles have been printed (in whole o go to sleep and r in part). And the Bible was translated into more than 2500 languages (in whole or [...]

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