When is the Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

When is the Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses? Dates for the regional Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses you find on JW.org
Dates for the Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses you find on JW.org. The website from Jehovah’s Witnesses. On JW.org go to “Find a Convention”. Or to “Find a Meeting” and press Conventions.

Find a Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses on JW.org

On JW.org you can choose your favorite language. In which you like to visit the Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And you can enter an address or location. A location to search near. On the left-hand you find then regional Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Closest to the location you searched for. Click on more information. To find the complete address of the Convention you would like to visit.

Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses 2023: the 2023 Convention Jehovahs Witnesses has the Theme “Exercise Patience”!

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Convention Jehovahs Witnesses 2023 "Exercise Patience" Why would it be beneficial for You to visit the Convention 2023 of Jehovah's Witnesses? What can you expect at the 2023 Convention of Jehovahs Witnesses? What do you learn from the following Experiences from Visitors of the 2023 Convention Jehovah’s Witnesses? The Experiences from the Convention 2023 Jehovah’s Witnesses [...]

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